How does 3G Unrestrictor work?

3G Unrestrictor loads itself into every application that you setup to be unrestricted and then modifies it to make it think it is on a WiFi network, even though it is on 3G.
  • The application asks an function apple made available for it "What kind of connection am I on?".
  • Normally the function would answer "You are on a 3G connection!".
  • But since 3G Unrestrictor modified it, it always answers with "You are on WiFi!"

Does 3G Unrestrictor drain the battery or do anything in the background?

Please read the answer of the first question to understand how 3G Unrestrictor works!

3G Unrestrictor does NOTHING in the background. It is only active and doing something (very little), when an unrestricted app is running! It doesnt do anything CPU or battery intensive.

If you think you have a battery drain issue, please try rebooting your iPhone. 3G Unrestrictor by itself cannot drain the battery, but if you think it does, I recommend doing a firmware restore and installing ONLY 3G Unrestrictor and no other software.

So far every person who complained about battery drain, found it was caused by something else!

My application does not work. What can I do?

There can be two reasons for it:

  • The application is not supported by 3G Unrestrictor and cannot be tricked into thinking it is on a WiFi connection.
  • 3G Unrestrictor works on it and tricks it correctly into thinking it is on WiFi, but the application cannot connect using the 3G Network.

If the application is giving you exactly the same error message on 3G as on WiFi (Something like "This application only works on WiFi"), it is because 3G Unrestrictor, cannot unrestrict it.

In this case please email me, so I can check it out and I might get it working in the next version

Otherwise, if you are not getting the exact same error message or if your application is just not connecting or something like that: 3G Unrestrictor did its job correctly and the app thinks it is on WiFi and tries to connect and do whatever it does, but fails due to some network connection error.

This might be because your mobile internet provider is blocking the application or for some other reason. In that case I cannot really help you. You should ask the developer of the application.

Can I use mobile internet without having to pay for it with 3G Unrestrictor?

NO! You need working mobile internet for 3G Unrestrictor to work (=You need to be able to use for example Safari and other applications while you are not on WiFi).

All 3G Unrestrictor does is allow applications that are forbidden to work on 3G connections, to work.

What happens if I restore my device or get a replacement phone, do I have to pay again?

NO you dont have to pay again!

All you need to do is select 3G Unrestrictor and press purchase. Then login with the same google or facebook account which you used when you bought 3G Unrestrictor and you will be able to download it for free again.

If you got a new phone, you will additionally need to link the new device with your account.

Will I always be able to use this app with all my future iPhone models and future firmware updates?

This question is hard to answer.

I will do everything I can to make sure it will keep working with future phones and firmware updates.

But because of the nature of this software it depends on what Apple does. If they modify the system in a way that I cannot do the changes I need for 3G Unrestrictor, there is unfortunately probably not much I can do.

If Apple somehow finds a way to stop Jailbreaking altogether you wont be able to use 3G Unrestrictor anymore too.

In those cases I cannot refund you unfortunately, but it is highly unlikely that any of those will happen!